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Whatsapp integration API

Integrate WhatsApp to your own services or apps.

Discover our code examples to send and receive text, pictures, audios, links, emoji and PDF files.

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How our WhatsApp API works?

A phone with WhatsApp Business
or Regular WhatsApp is needed!

1 RAPIWHA WhatsApp Login

Pair a number

Pair your own number, or any other for testing.

1 RAPIWHA WhatsApp Login

Setup your Webhook

Set up your Webhook to send and receive WhatsApp messages.

1 RAPIWHA WhatsApp Login

Start chatting

Send, receive and reply messages through WhatsApp using the API.

Make a top up and use the API on one or several numbers.
RAPIWHA does not provide numbers, so you can quickly pair your own to interact with the API and make tests.

RAPIWHA for Non-Developers

It’s simple, you don’t need to be a developer to enjoy this tools!

WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tool

WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tool, deliver messages easily to multiple WhatsApp numbers.

WhatsApp chat manager,
RAPIWHA's Web WhatsApp for Business, designed with some great additional features.

RAPIWHA Whatsapp Chat-Manager

Autoreply Chatbot

Train your Chatbot setting automated answers for common inquires.

RAPIWHA Autoreply Chatbot
Wake your robot
RAPIWHA Autoreply Chatbot
Train It!
RAPIWHA Autoreply Chatbot
Give autoreplies!

Allows you to send automatic replies when people write to your numbers. It attends your customers at Whatsapp 24/7.

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